A few of my collaborations & partnerships.

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*recognized as an expert in my field LinkedIn 2018
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Thank you Cindy for connecting me with such a talented artist!  I am thrilled to be working together with Jan and can’t wait to move forward!  You were instrumental to our connection Thank YOU!

Tamara Day



DIY Network

Cindy/Mack has been a constant source of, not only inspiration, but warmth & friendship to me personally and professionally. She always reminds us that although we may be here to do business, there is always room for heart and the Lord in everything we do, including the businesses we aim to build. I have been amazed by her ability to assimilate all sorts of Instagram strategies and technologies to broaden her audience AND to maintain her ability to authentically connect with a broad swath of people, makers and business owners. What has touched me the most is that she never leaves got out of it. God is at the center and always in the most positive, loving, affirming way. 

Paige Rien

Author Love the House You're In


I can’t say enough wonderful things about my dear friend ~ Cindy Mack, also known as Mack to her good friends! She has to be one of the kindest most encouraging people, I’ve met in this lovely decor community!! She has so many wonderful qualities! She is genuinely kind, always positive and wants to help others succeed, she is the best cheerleader for her friends!
She is very knowledgeable about how to navigate Instagram, such a great source of information!
These are just few things that come to mind , that I wanted to share about my sweet friend Mack!
My best always,


I met Mack in a private group and immediately felt connected to her. She is an incredible woman. I needed help and reached out to her. I took Social Marketing 101 and was so blessed. Of course, I see her stories and when she called I was so excited to have one on one time with her. Her spirit and voice gave me so much joy! This training is so personal we started off in prayer which was so special and immediately knew that this training was going to be incredible. Mac asked me questions to get the desires of my heart. This is a personal training, and you will grow in various areas. Mac has incredible knowledge that will amaze you! The report is beautiful too. She gives you a document that also includes audio clips that you can keep close to hear at any time to reflect back to.


I love you lots Mac,

Regina @sheheardthecall

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with a lot of wonderful talented ladies but one of my absolute favorites has got to be Cindy aka “Mack” @anderson.alley.style Her words of faith and kindness just shines off the ig screen and always puts a smile on my face!! Ok I just had to give some credit where credit is due!




Cindy is such a delightful friend and I’m so glad to have met her in this décor community. She is such an encouraging lady and uplifts you in every comment. You can’t help but smile and feel good after reading her kind and positive words. Cindy has a wonderful account and she has grown so much since the beginning of the year when she joined Instagram.  I think she would be a great leader to help new people who are just starting out, and even current friends who want to grow their account, to better navigate the ins and outs of this ever-changing Instagram world.



We are so impressed with your creativity. Companies like yours keep us motivated and inspired to come back daily to look for more inspiration and values for our money. One thing we have learned is that companies who truly are #1 in customer service don't have to have banners, signs and brochures trying to lure their customers in, because great customer service is what you represent and we felt welcome from the first smile! Congratulations on your success...
Antonio & Laura


I met Cindy through IG early in 2018. She stood out to me because of her free spirit. She is so energetic and always positive. She loves everything and everyone. Her faith in our Lord and Savior really stood out to me. We made contact eventually, on a personal level. Then I noticed her social skills were AMAZING. Her knowledge in social media is unlike anyone I’ve met. She has a way of drawing people to her, so with her social skills it’s no wonder everybody wants her on their side. Like to brand-rep . That’s just one example of what Cindy means to me. I’m looking forward to a future in business relations with her.

Thank you, 

Charlene Nelson     

@CharDebs designs

I’d like to say a few words about Cindy {Mack} @anderson.alley.style
First is, thank you! I was a babe in the woods when I started an account on IG. I had no idea of the depth and scope of this huge platform. Without the guidance and knowledge imparted to me by Cindy Mack, I’d be left behind in the dust! She has the social media skills necessary to effectively get things done and show you how! She has a winning personality that is only ever upbeat and positive! Her tutoring is clear cut and to the point. I’ve had much success thanks to Cindy!



I have had the blessing of meeting Cindy @anderson.alley.style. No, we have not met in person but I feel like I am truly her friend.
Cindy is such an encourager. She is a go getter that draws people in. I believe any task she has will be accomplished with amazing results. Cindy is a smile every day for me.



 Cindy, "Mack", and I met online late one night.  We became instant friends.  She has an amazing way of encouraging and facilitating connections.  It just comes naturally and flows from her each minute.  She can't help it.  I am thankful for meeting her! She opens her arms wider to include you in her community and to help you find yours! Connecting and training are her specialties.    Julia Veenstra @jveenstraartist 

I wanted a logo that was unique to me and Mack, you created exactly what I needed! You worked with me to create a one-of-a-kind logo that will define me to others. I am so happy I found you Mack! You brought my vision to life!


Sharon @sweethoneycottage